Private Coaching with Karla

In addition to designing and creating the virtual format of the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Beyond Advanced Spiritual Tools, I also privately coach students desiring more in-depth understanding and guidance while learning and applying these spiritual tools in their life.

Most students who are self-studying these spiritual tools find it extremely beneficial to participate in hour-long weekly coaching sessions with me on the phone. You are welcome to do more than one private coaching session a week, but once a week is usually what most of my students sign up for.

During these sessions, I guide you through a spiritual tools meditation tailored specifically to you, answers questions, offer suggestions, give you homework to practice during the week in between sessions, do tool checks, and help you have a deeper understanding of how these spiritual tools will assist you in your daily life.

You may also study with me privately without using the spiritual tools e-books and mp3 voice files, but most of my students prefer having these aides to guide them through their daily spiritual tools practice.

How much does private coaching cost?

I charge $165.00 for a 4-session series of coaching of the spiritual tools. Our sessions would take place on the phone. I have many students all over the United States and Canada.

If you would like more information about private coaching, payment and scheduling, or if you have any general questions, please feel free to email me at

Love and light,

Karla Christine