Spiritual Tools Testimonials

“I feel like a different person after using the spiritual tools and clean outs Karla has created. In particular, I feel like the clean out literally cleans out everything that is hanging inside me keeping me from being calm and centered. I actually feel lighter when I am done. It’s literally like a weight is lifted off me. Hearing Karla’s voice makes me feel so calm and puts me in a space of relief because before I sit down to use the tools or do a clean out I am usually a little stressed out or something is weighing on my mind. Even hearing Karla’s voice calms me down and immediately I feel at peace and the negative things that were worrying me go away.”

– LC, Westchester County, NY

“I finished the Basic Spiritual Tools and have progressed to the Intermediate Spiritual Tools! I really think I’m learning how to protect my energies as a healer. I’ve been consistently doing the Deep Spiritual Tools clean out that comes with the Intermediate course and today I did #2.7, Removing Cords. It felt really good. When I do #2.3, the Matching Pictures Rose portion of the meditation, it feels like stuff is getting sucked out of my body. I experience that in other places too, but for whatever reason, the Matching Pictures exercise pulls out a lot. It’s so cool. I love it! Thank you so much!”

– Susan Frankovich, Reno, NV

“What I like about Karla’s program is that she presents the material using simple language in easy-to-follow steps. No mumbo-jumbo or woo-woo. The 16-minute clean out is a great way to start or end the day in an easy-to-find block of time.”

– Lilith, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you, thank you Karla for creating your e-books! Your “Hello Again!”, “Welcome Back!”, and “Bye for Now!” are so warm, supportive and encouraging. Having both the written and audio lessons in my pocket means I can progress most anywhere, even when I’m traveling. Whilst the sessions are great to either start or end the day with, I’m finding it helpful to occasionally clear out before and after meetings and conversations with colleagues. As a result, I’m more centered and clear when I speak and more open and neutral in my responses. All love and blessings to you!”

– Marci Walker, London, UK

“The spiritual tools have helped me maintain consistency in my spiritual practice. Since doing these courses, I feel more clarity in general. I actually feel less physical pain in my body, and I don’t have as many nasty dreams as I used to. I have moved on to the more advanced levels, and I seem to have stuck with these spirituals tools for over 3 years now.”
– Jesse Rutledge, Williston, ND

“Karla is a soothing guide with a great voice, intonation, and enunciation. I love how well-planned, organized, prepared, and edited the material is as it made learning it clear, easy, inviting, soft and accessible. I felt very centered with the “center of my head” exercise. I love Karla’s calm orderly instruction and voice and the gentle playfulness she exudes. I’m mesmerized by how well this is done. I love the illustrations, too. I’m excited and hope I can achieve the same realization of my own goals with using these as a strengthening tool-box.”
– Tiffany Weeks, San Francisco, CA

“I have had Karla as my life coach for over 3 years now and have also been learning and using the Spiritual Tools she created for the last 2 years. I have to say I feel infinitely more balanced and clear and have been enjoying a subtle feeling of well-being from using the Basic and Intermediate clean outs as much as I can. She is an excellent coach as well and whenever I get stuck or don’t understand something from the self-study courses, she is always available to answer any questions and lead me through a deeper understanding of these spiritual tools. Besides that, they are really fun! They are definitely a form of meditation and have completely quieted my mind. You also get to create things in your imagination like a reading screen which I use all the time, even at work, and as a way to replenish your energy when you are feeling low. Really excellent!”
– Lenny L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I consider Karla a colleague of mine. We attended True Insight Spiritual Center in El Segundo, CA for 15 years together. I am very impressed with how she took these spiritual tools we spent years learning, going to school at least 2 or 3 times a week, and turned them into this very accessible virtual format that is now available online. I think the whole package, the e-books and the mp3 voice files, are very well constructed and thorough and the exercises are easy to visualize. I also like how she took all 10 of the Basic Spiritual Tools and created a 16-minute clean out in a condensed format. It’s easier to do my daily meditation now that I have these spiritual tools at my fingertips!”
– Jodee Capo, Seattle, WA

“Hola! I have been working with Karla for years now. She does clairvoyant readings for me and and has often coached me on the spiritual tools. I received her Basic Spiritual Tools course, and I love it! I love that I can choose to use them when I want to and after I do, I feel so clear and cleaned out inside. These guided mp3 voice files and e-books are great because I am able to use them in the comfort of my own home or wherever, whenever I want to. I highly recommend them, and I will definitely use them more and more now that I have them!”
– Meleesa Luna, Huntington Beach, CA

“I am so pleased with Karla’s Basic Spiritual Tools. They not only help me clear the attachments of all of those I encounter through my work and life in general; they help me tune into the deeper parts of myself so I am more grounded and more in touch with my intuition. I like how she has laid out each lesson so that there is a review from all the previous lessons before adding on the new tool. I experience the spiritual tools clean out in a very physical way, and can really feel energies releasing from my system. After the release, I love replenishing my energies. I am super excited to get get started on the next section, the Intermediate Spiritual Tools!”
– Susan Frankovich, Reno, NV

“This is an excellent method for staying present and keeping your energy clean! I have been meditating for about 20 years, practicing reiki a little over a decade and doing daily yoga for the past few years. The Basic Spiritual Tools is a great addition to my daily practice. I appreciate Karla’s soft, welcoming voice as well as the excellent, accessible visuals provided with each exercise. She also delivers sweet nuggets of self-love and compassion throughout which feels so good. I have been using the “center of your head” technique frequently. After 2 weeks I am already noticing things like knowing what people will say before they say it and getting intuitions about timing that end up being true. I would highly recommend this as a self-care practice no matter what your daily life is like. You will also feel more in touch with yourself and the world around you as your psychic abilities begin to refine.”
– Heather Shoopman, Los Angeles, CA

“I LOVE the Basic Spiritual Tools series! The pacing is right, the momentum built one on another is seamless and the information is very basic – so easy to understand for students just being introduced to spirit work. The graphics are beautiful and help provide good illustration for students who may lack strong visualization ability. Of all I’ve been studying and reviewing, there are a lot of meditations ‘out there.’ There is nothing like this that I’ve seen.”
– Sue Markgraf, Chicago, IL

“Being that I had previous experience, I felt like the Basic Spiritual Tools course was very effective and clear. Everything is easy to understand. Because it was short, it allowed me to maintain focus and consciousness because I feel, from my previous experience with this kind of training, there is a tendency to check out. Since I had been studying these tools with Karla previously, when I did the Basic Spiritual Tools course I felt like they were very clear and concise, easy to understand and easy to get into a meditative clearing or a meditative state. I did feel very clear and centered when I was listening to the voice files.”
– Sean Ihndris, Valley Village, CA

“As a person who is extremely new to anything like these spiritual tools, after reading through the Basic Spiritual Tools e-book, finishing all of the Basic Spiritual Tools voice files (#1.1 through #1.10) and completing the 16-min clean out, I felt overwhelmed by my ability to connect with the spiritual part of myself and able to get so much out of it, like going in cold and coming out hot. I was able to visualize right away and click with it right away and was able to follow along with Karla’s guidance. I love the illustrations in the e-book and they really helped me understand how to do it better. When I finished with the 16-minute clean out I was crying because I felt relief and like it was okay to let go. I was so extremely impressed because I’ve always thought of myself as being resistant to anything like this because of being raised Catholic and now being an atheist.”
– Sloane Atkinson, Los Angeles, CA

“Karla presents these spiritual tools in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Each lesson builds on the last, so that during the reviews you are naturally already doing the steps as she leads you through them. Her descriptions create vivid visuals that make it easy to “see” each step. These are everyday tools that can help you stay grounded, protected and in-tune with your surroundings. Karla and I have been classmates, and I am always learning and refine my tools with her help.”
– Karen Cagle El Segundo, CA