Karla’s Favorite Links

Since I love what I do so much, and, for the past 22 years, have enjoyed learning and growing and getting better and better at what I do, I thought I would share with you the schools I have studied with and continue to study with, honing and fine-tuning my abilities, and have provided a list of them below.
These schools all offer amazing programs and classes, both over-the-phone and in-person, from beginning meditation classes where you learn to be more grounded and help yourself feel better, to deeper, more involved programs where you will be able to develop your own intuitive abilities, deepen your understanding of yourself, ultimately find your own answers, and learn to read as well as I do, if you so desire.

Healers I love:

Susan is an amazing PSYCH-K facilitator and yoga therapy practitioner. PSYCH-K is an incredibly effective modality which helps to heal trauma and rewrite the limiting beliefs that live in the subconscious mind. She is able to facilitate PSYCH-K sessions in person or over the phone. Susan’s mission is to help people find balance and empowerment in all aspects of their lives.

Website: www.SusanFrankovich.com
Email: EmbodiedBalance11@gmail.com
Mobile phone: (818) 826-1311

Heather is a phenomenal healer and teacher. I have been to many of her sound baths, Self-Care Sisterhood Sleepovers and yoga classes, and she is the best! She calls herself a self-care specialist and she likes to help people to learn how to heal themselves.

Website: www.selfcaresleepover.com
Email: hdshoop@gmail.com

Spiritual school recommendations: 

https://IntuitiveVision.net Cody Edner, founder of Intuitive Way, is an amazing teacher and practitioner of the spiritual tools, whom I studied with for many years. He offers virtual classes and courses for every level of the spiritual tools and has created some programs of his own that are very healing and validating. Cody was directly taught by Lewis Bostwick, the originator of the spiritual tools.

www.Aesclepion.com – John Fulton, founder of Aesclepion, San Rafael, California, was an amazing teacher, leader, and practitioner of the spiritual tools. John was my teacher for the Clairvoyant and Hands-On Healing programs while I was attending True Insight Spiritual Center, which is part of the curriculum put together by Lewis Bostwick, the originator of the spiritual tools.

www.TrueInsightSpiritualCenter.org – True Insight Spiritual Center in El Segundo, California, is the local spiritual school I attended for over 20 years and graduated from. Carrie Brooks is the creative director of True Insight Spiritual Center, and also an amazing teacher, leader and practitioner of the spiritual tools.

www.MichaelTamura.com – I have never studied with Michael, but I’ve been to a few of his lectures and had dinner with he and his wife one time in Northern California. He has an amazing sense of humor and such a bright light that shines out from the center of his soul. I learned a lot just being present for his lectures. Michael was also taught by Lewis Bostwick, originator and creator of the spiritual tools.

 Other similar spiritual schools: