Spiritual Tools FAQ

Q: How do I use the Basic Spiritual Tools?

A: I invite you to look at the Basic Spiritual Tools e-book first, thoroughly read the Introduction and skim through the rest of the e-book, taking time to notice the illustrations and allow them to sink in. Next, begin with Basic Spiritual Tools mp3 voice file 1.1 Center of Your Head, do it once a day for 1 week, move on to 1.2 Present Time/Creating & Destroying Roses once a day for 1 week and continue this way until you are finished with all 10 Basic Spiritual Tools. After that, you may use the 16-minute Basic Spiritual Tools clean out on a daily basis and move onto the Intermediate Spiritual Tools.

Q: Why am I not able to see with my inside eyes very well yet?

A: It’s very common and natural not to see with your inside eyes or be able to visualize right away. These spiritual tools are teaching you a combination of sensing (using your gut feeling and intuition) and seeing (picturing something in your mind’s eye) or what I call sense-seeing which is being able to sense what you are being asked to visualize and also see it visually as one would when recalling a past memory and actually feeling that past memory and visualizing it at the same time. I have been practicing these spiritual tools for over 20 years and there are still times when I don’t see super clearly on my reading screen or movie screen. Other times, I see every detail with crystal clarity. I can actually, dial it in, per se, and ask myself to see clearly, but because I am using sense-seeing and I trust my gut feelings and intuition so much, I don’t need to be concerned with seeing perfectly. I have a colleague who studied at the same spiritual school with me where we learned all the spiritual tools in these courses, who couldn’t see anything for over 10 years, but was very successful with the tools. She sees incredibly clearly now. Sometimes it just takes patience, persistence, and practice.

Q: What if you are going to fast for me to keep up with you?

A: It is totally okay to pause the mp3 voice file if you need a little more time to do/create/visualize what is being asked of you during the guidance through the spiritual tools. When you have finished the task, just restart the voice file and continue on with the lesson.

Q: How should I pace my spiritual tools learning schedule?

A: There are 10 spiritual tools in the Basic Spiritual Tools course. My recommendation is to do one voice file a week, repeating it every day for 7 days and then move on to the next voice file until you have completed all 10 of the Basic Spiritual Tools. After that, you may use the 16-minute Basic Spiritual Tools clean out on a daily basis and continue on with the Intermediate Spiritual Tools. If you are new to spiritual tools, meditation, or spiritual work in general, it is best to do it at this pace. If you feel you are absorbing each tool quickly, feel free to move through each of the tools faster and go at your own pace.

Q: Why are there so many words and terms I am not familiar with?

A: I have created a Glossary page under the Resources tab for a clearer definition of some of the spiritual terms you may encounter while studying the spiritual tools. Please feel free to use it!

Q: Why do I get a tingling feeling in my hands and feet while running my earth and cosmic energy?

A: It is very normal to feel a tingling sensation in the bottom of your feet, in the palms of your hands and sometimes on the top of your head while running earth and cosmic energy, as taught in Intermediate Spiritual Tools #2.1: Earth & Cosmic Energy. This is actually a good sign that your earth and cosmic energy is working well! Some people may not experience this sensation at first, but after using the spiritual tools for awhile most people experience a tingling sensation.

Q: Why do I sometimes feel cranky, tired and irritable after doing my spiritual tools clean out?

A: This usually means you are in a growth period which is what your physical body goes through when you are releasing energy that is not yours because your spirit is shifting to a higher vibration and your body wants to match it and keep up. Your body vibrates at a lower frequency than your spirit does, so often times your physical body will go through a growth period that may last a few hours to a few days to a few weeks, depending on the intensity of the shifting or releasing you are doing. Growth periods are explained further in the Intermediate Spiritual Tools #2.9: Resistance Energy & Growth Periods along with suggestions to help you move through and process your growth periods quicker.

Q: Is it normal, after using the spiritual tools for awhile, to notice I just “know” things I didn’t know previously?

A: Yes! This is all extremely normal and a very pleasant side effect of learning, practicing and developing your spiritual tools. While using the spiritual tools, you are cleaning out your intuitive channels, clearing away static and other people’s energy from your body, your chakras, your aura, calming your mind and your energy so you can hear your own inside voice, increasing your intuitive ability, and your sensitivity to hearing and seeing things you may not have had prior to strengthening these areas by practicing and using the spiritual tools.

Q: Besides doing the spiritual tools, how can I become even more intuitive?

A: By practicing being more in the moment, being more aware and developing your intuition by asking yourself questions such as “Is this a good time for me to go to the store?” Listen for your answer or notice what your gut feeling is and follow it. When the phone rings or you receive a text message, before answering it or looking at it, ask yourself who it is from and wait for your answer or gut feeling indicating who you think it is. Or if you are feeling out of sorts or your body is tired, ask yourself “What’s the best thing for me to do to feel better right now?” Listen for your answer or gut feeling and act on it. Keep practicing this even if you the answer or gut feeling you received was off. The more you practice using your intuition the stronger and more accurate it will become and the more useful it will be to you.

Q: Why have I become more sensitive since practicing the spiritual tools?

A: I consider being sensitive a gift and I believe the more you develop your sensitivity the more intuitive you become, which leads to making better decisions for yourself from a higher perspective. Becoming more sensitive might cause you to become less tolerant of the more negative aspects of life such as anger and bad behavior from friends, relatives or acquaintances, but developing your sensitivity will lead you closer to your heart and closer to loving yourself and others more.

Q: Is it normal to feel like yawning while using the spiritual tools?

A: Yes, yawning is very normal while using your spiritual tools and is encouraged! It is your body’s way of releasing pictures and energy that is not yours. Another way is burping. If you feel like yawning or burping at ANY TIME during your meditation with the spiritual tools, please feel free to do so, even if it seems like you are yawning all the way through. This is explained in more detail in Basic Spiritual Tools #1.10: Yawning/Checking Out/Releasing.

Q: Is it normal to fall asleep while using these spiritual tools?

A: Yes! It is perfectly normal and natural to check out or fall asleep while you are doing these spiritual tools, even during the more advanced levels. I have been doing them for over 20 years and I sometimes will still check out or fall asleep during my meditation. You will always come back, wake up and feel refreshed! You are releasing energy from your physical body while doing these spiritual tools and sometimes your body has an easier time releasing if you check out for a few minutes, i.e. your spiritual body leaves your physical body for a little while. So, yes, please know it is perfectly okay to check out. This is explained in more detail in Basic Spiritual Tools #1.10: Yawning/Checking Out/Releasing.

Q: “What’s the difference between my Higher Self and my Soul?”

A: I like to break deep subjects down into simple concepts, even though the concept itself might be very complicated. Simply put, I believe there are 3 parts to all of us: 1) Our physical body in this lifetime; 2) Our spirit which lives inside our physical body and acts as an ambassador or an interpreter for our soul; and 3) Our soul, which I feel is the core of us, the all-wise, all-knowing, indestructible part.

I also find the explanation taken from “A Course in Mastering Alchemy” (www.MasteringAlchemy.com) is a very good, more specific definition of the difference between your higher self and your soul: “Your Higher Self is, in simple terms, the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in the physical body. It is the part of you that knows, sees, and understands at the highest level possible, while the physical part of you still continues to move around in the third dimension. Anchoring the wisdom of the Higher Self into your physicality is very much a part of our human spiritual evolution and purpose.

Your Soul, on the other hand, had an enormous role in deciding upon and designing what you experience in this lifetime. Your Soul wanted to experience a certain set of experiences so it put in place a plan and process where it could – through you. A simple, silly example: your Soul wanted to know what it would be like to experience the feelings of embarrassment in a female body. So the Soul placed parts of its own consciousness in you, as a female body, and you went out into this third dimension to experience the game plan that the Soul wished to have. You were born into a family of graceful dancers, yet you were clumsy and awkward and fell down a lot. You surrounded yourself with very simple, third-dimensional children and you had a creative mind but no filter, so you said things that put you in, well, embarrassing situations. As an adult you liked to party, and many mornings found yourself squirming and explaining your actions of the night before.”