Spiritual Tools Glossary of Terms

Aura – The Google dictionary definition of aura is: “A supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature, viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.” In the context of these spiritual tools, the aura is the energy field around you that emanates from inside out and can contract or expand many times in a 24-hour period. You can manipulate your aura by asking it to come in closer to you, as taught in Basic Spiritual Tools #1.6: Your Aura. You can also feel the aura of other people around you. Some people call this a personal bubble or a bubble of energy around other people. You will also hear people use the word aura to describe someone, such as “that person has an aura of heaviness about them,” or “an aura of lightness, playfulness,” or they have a “good vibe” or a “bad vibe.”

Center of Your Head – This is the concept of first basic spiritual tool (as taught in Basic Spiritual Tools #1.1: Center of Your Head). When you ask yourself to be in the center of your head or come back into the center of your head, you are asking for all of you to come back into your body and be present with your attention focused behind your eyes, feeling centered and grounded, quiet, calm and focused.

Centered – Being centered is similar to the feeling of being grounded. It is generally associated with feeling good, feeling relaxed, stable, balanced mentally, emotionally, and physically, like no one can tip you over, being in the zone, in the groove, being in a good place.

Chakras – The Google dictionary definition of the word chakra: “…each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.” In our use of the spiritual tools, we refer to the chakras as energy centers. We use the spiritual tools to clean out these energy centers, and we will intentionally close down or open up some chakras in the more advanced spiritual tools. The 7 main chakras in the body are the root (1st chakra), located at the base of your spine, the sacral (2nd chakra), located at your belly button, the solar plexus (3rd chakra), located at the bottom of your rib cage, the heart (4th chakra), located in the center of your chest, the throat (5th chakra) located at your neck, the third eye or forehead (6th chakra), and the crown (7th chakra) located on the top of your head. There are many other chakras in your chakra system, but during our study and use of the spiritual tools we will mainly be using these 7 chakras.

Cords – Cords are invisible lines of energy that are stuck into your body, your aura, or your chakras by other people for many different reasons. In some cases it is because a friend or a relative or a partner may want to stay connected to you. So, they will cord you in order to do that. In other cases, cording from other people may be an attempt to control you or utilize your energy to their benefit. Cords and how to remove them are explained in in greater detail in Intermediate Spiritual Tools #2.7: Removing Cords.

Energy – “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” ~Albert Einstein. This definition of energy is one of the most applicable definitions in relationship to these spiritual tools as they were created to do that very thing, to help you change, shift, and create your own energy. In the spiritual community the word energy is used frequently and can take on many different meanings. You will hear people say “I just don’t like her energy.” Or, “I really love her energy.” Both are referring to how the energy emanating from you can make other people feel. Energy can also be used to describe your physical body, “Wow, I feel full of energy today,” meaning you feel enthusiastic and perhaps ready to take on a big project, task, or goal. You will also hear “I just don’t have any energy today,” meaning your meter is low and you feel more like going to sleep, resting, or eating something to refuel yourself.

Golden Suns – A golden sun is referred to as a clear, bright, see-through beach ball on the top of your head you use to bring in bright, light life force energy to fill yourself up with, especially after releasing lower vibration energy you don’t want from your space. It is one of the basic spiritual tools, a visual aide, Basic Spiritual Tools #1.8: Golden Suns, used to replenish your energy after you have used the tools (grounding cords and running earth and cosmic energy) to release negative, restrictive, dark energy from your space.

Grounded – Being grounded is when you are feeling, calm, centered, relaxed, with the sensation that you are in your body, stable emotionally, physically, and mentally, like nothing could tip you over, feeling pleasantly in control of your surroundings and your space.

Grounding Cord – The grounding cords taught and used in these spiritual tools (Basic Spiritual Tools #1.5: Grounding Your Body) are very simple, powerful meditation tools used to connect you to the earth with imaginary funnel-like grounding cords attached to your body, much like tree roots connecting you to the earth, helping you be in the center of your head, be more in present time, and will also help you release energy from your space that is not yours, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your body. It is one of the Basic Spiritual Tools that will be used throughout all of the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Beyond Advanced Spiritual Tools.

Growth Period – A growth period is what your physical body goes through when you are using your spiritual tools, doing your clean outs, and releasing energy that is not yours because your spirit is shifting to a higher vibration and your body wants to match it and keep up. Your body vibrates at a lower frequency than your spirit does, so often times your physical body will go through a growth period that may last a few hours to a few days to a few weeks, depending on the intensity of the shifting or releasing you are doing. Growth periods are explained further in the Intermediate Spiritual Tools #2.9: Resistance Energy & Growth Periods along with suggestions to help you move through and process your growth periods quicker.

Higher Self – According to Wikipedia, the higher self is “…an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self” and I agree with that definition. We use this term a lot throughout the spiritual tools. One of the main advantages of learning and using these spiritual tools is being able to nurture and expand your relationship with your higher self, your inner being, your “big me” as it is referred to as throughout these spiritual tools.

Inside Eyes – Inside eyes are the imaginary eyes in the center of your head you use to visualize images when your physical eyes are closed. I also refer to them as VISUAL-eyes, a word I made up by combining visualization and eyes because you use your inside eyes to visualize images on your reading screen (as explained in Basic Spiritual Tools #1.3: Reading Screen).

Mock-Up Rose – A mock-up rose is a technique used in the spiritual tools to ask for, create, and visualize more of what you are wanting in your life, explained in more detail in Intermediate Spiritual Tool #2.8: Mock-Up Roses. It comes from the word “mock-up” which, according to the Cambridge Dictionary it is “a full-size model of something large that has not yet been built showing how it will look or operate” i.e. “She showed us a mock-up of what the car will look like when it goes into production.” In the spiritual tools, your will learn how to use a “mock-up rose” as a way to visualize what you would like to create in your life in many different spaces, your money space, your relationship space, your body space, etc. and you learn to ground your mock-ups and remove energy from them that may be hindering the manifestation of them.

Reading Screen – A reading screen, also called a movie screen, as taught in Basic Spiritual Tools #1.3: Reading Screen, is a spiritual tool you use when your eyes are closed and your inside eyes are open, visualized about 6 to 8 feet in front of your forehead, shaped like a rectangle, filling up the entire field of your vision, much like sitting in a movie theatre and looking at the blank movie screen before the movie starts. This particular tool is sometimes referred to as a remote viewing screen by other intuitives and clairvoyants.

Sense-seeing – A term I created to describe my intuitive reading style and also what you will be learning to do by studying the spiritual tools. Sense-seeing is a combination of sensing or feeling something intuitively combined with seeing it visually on the reading screen or movie screen in front of your forehead with your inside eyes, as described in the Basic Spiritual Tools #1.3 – Your Reading Screen. Most people don’t visually see super clearly on their movie screen or reading screen, and even after over 20 years of using this technique, I also don’t clearly see every little detail. So, don’t be frustrated or intimidate if you are not able to see very clearly. It will become sharper with time and practice.

Space – The word space, in the context of these spiritual tools, refers to an energy field, your energy field, that runs in and out of your body, and all around you. It is a sensory field, so when something you can’t see with your physical eyes, is in your space you generally identify it by a shift in your awareness or by how you are feeling. It is different from your aura in that it is inclusive of your body and your aura and the room you are occupying at any given time. Some people will refer to this as their personal space when they feel like someone is crowding them or sitting or standing too close to them, i.e. “that person was in my personal space and it was bothering me.”

Trance – A different state of awareness, a feeling of being altered, a meditation state where you open your awareness to the higher levels of consciousness. When you close your eyes and ask yourself to come into the center of your head and practice your spiritual tools you will automatically go into a light trance or meditative state. I find it very relaxing and reassuring and it definitely opens me up to the more expanded, deeper, and wiser part of myself.