Intermediate Spiritual Tools


Before purchasing and using the Intermediate Spiritual Tools package, please have completed all 10 Basic Spiritual Tools including the 16-minute clean out.  The Intermediate Spiritual Tools package includes a 57-page e-book complete with color illustrations and a detailed, written description of each of the 10 Intermediate Spiritual Tools to be used as a study guide with the 10 mp3 voice files included in the Intermediate package.  As a bonus, you will also receive two mp3 voice file clean outs, a 15-minute Brief clean out and a 22-minute Deep clean out, using all 10 Basic and the first 6 Intermediate Spiritual Tools, either of which you may use as your daily meditation practice after you have completed the first 6 Intermediate Spiritual Tools.  It is strongly recommended you complete both the Basic and Intermediate Spiritual Tools packages before you move on to the Advanced Spiritual Tools package.  I am excited about your new adventures with the spiritual tools and for you to continue to grow your intuition.  It will serve you well!