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Here, you will find a series of meditation courses, in an easy-to-download format, consisting of basic, intermediate, advanced, and beyond advanced levels of spiritual tools to teach you how to ground yourself, get into the center of your head, get out from underneath the influence of other people’s opinions & ideas of what’s best for you, release old programming from the world around you, allowing you to access, trust and amplify your own deep intuition, from the highest, clearest part of you, 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Why Spiritual Tools?

As I shared with you in the Intro video, I myself have been using these spiritual tools for over 20 years and wouldn’t be without them.  I use them not only as a daily meditation and clean out, but all day long to create my world and each day exactly as I like it, calm, safe, grounded, fun, and in appreciation and gratitude for how good I feel.  You can tread as deeply or as lightly as you want on the road to exploring yourself from the inside out.  You might have heard the expression “waking up in the body”, which means waking up, in present time, to the idea that you are not just your body or your name or the family you were physically born into in this lifetime.  You are much, much more than that and it is a delightful experience to explore your own uniqueness, your own depths and discover who you really are, more than just your body, more than just your experience on this planet, and more than just this lifetime.  At the very least, these spiritual tool meditations will help you feel more centered, more grounded, more balanced, calmer, clearer, and more sure of yourself.

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“Download your free sample of the BASIC Spiritual Tools including an abbreviated e-book and 2 free mp3 voice files.”

May you find the light within and follow it. May you get in your heart and stay there.