Law of Attraction, Law of Allowance, Law of Abundance

I couldn’t present these spiritual tools without touching on the subject of and providing some information about the Law of Attraction. Along with these spiritual tools, the Law of Attraction principals are an integral part of what helped me become who I am today. I was living at the “bottom of the pit” so to speak for a good 10 years, having a very poor experience of life, feeling sorry for myself, feeling as if I was a victim instead of a creator, and really, really angry that I seemingly had no control over the situations I found myself in. I pulled myself out of this bottomless pit with the help of these spiritual tools and the Law of Attraction principals. The reason I mention these principals is because the spiritual tools and the Law of Attraction complement each other so well and will provide you with a powerful method to redesign your life or fine tune it if you are already pretty happy with where you are. For more information about the Law of Attraction, please see the separate page on this website titled “Law of Attraction.”

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